What We Do

We feel that the success of any decorating job depends on how much attention has been paid to the preparation and the quality of the products used. This is particularly important when it comes to exterior decorating as failure in the paint system will lead to costly problems such as rot in wooden windows & doors etc. Water ingress and frost can also result in blown render and damage to masonry.
That’s why we only use the best products and pay particular attention to preparation work 

Decorating by Fine Line

Services Overview

  • Exterior painting & Repairs
  • Interior painting/decorating
  • Wallpapering
  • Insurance work


All wood rot repairs are carried out using the best possible fillers available ensuring that the work carried out by us lasts far longer. All woodwork will be painted using the very best exterior products to ensure durability and finish are excellent.

We use both Dulux Weathershield and Sandtex Masonry paint systems.

Preparation work

  • Supply scaffolding if required
  • Removal and/or protecting all plants, foliage and other fixtures. (inc pathways and drives)
  • All masonry is washed down where required (with fungicidal wash where required)
  • We then remove any loose materials and apply a stabilising solution
  • Repairs to masonry are carried out using Toupret masonry filler. Larger repairs may require the use of a sand and cement render
  • All woodwork is thoroughly prepared by Scraping or burning off all loose and flaking paintwork to a firm edge then sanding down with an abrasive paper
  • All wood rot repairs are carried out using an Epoxy resin based wood-care system. Larger repairs may require splicing in new timber
  • Loose putty is removed and replaced with new putty
  • Bare wood is knotted as necessary and a preservative primer is applied
  • Once we are happy that the preparation work is fully completed then we will apply a top quality paint system as mentioned above.

On completion of work we will remove scaffolding clean up and remove any debris. We will then reinstate any fixtures and fittings that were removed.