Social Networking

So one of the best ways to stay connected with Fine Line Decorating is to like/follow us on Facebook.
Because so many people now have Facebook accounts we have put in place a dedicated page that allows us to updates services, offers and connect with you from anywhere in the UK.


We will be updating the page on a regular basis with information on new services that we are providing, explanations on how we work and the procedures on how we carry out work. We will also continue to post images of recent work to our timeline so that you can all see how good our work is and the types of properties and businesses we are working with. Images are often one of the best ways to decide on whether to use a tradesman or not, we are not afraid to hide our work as we take great pride in every job that we do. As a result of that we post many images to demonstrate this for you to see.


From time to time you may see Offers pop on our timeline, be sure to take full advantage of them and save you or your business some money whilst still getting amazing results by Fine Line Decorating.


Here at Fine Line we are always looking for new products that are coming to market all the time, if there is a new product that we can use to acheive better results for you then we will more than likely use it. Paint production has come a long way over the last 10 years and there are some amazing products out there that are available. You will find that some painters and decorators are stuck using the same products that they have been using for a long long time where as we are moving with the times to get you the best.


So use this link HERE and follow/like us on Facebook to never miss out on a thing.